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Reviewing Software Code for FDA Device

Project Description:

Our Client engaged a third party to duplicate a Digital Gauge attached to an oxygen tank used for patient care. The new Gauge was to be lighter weight (plastic) and was designed to use a LED instead of a power-consuming backlight.  Otherwise it was expected to be functionally a duplicate.  ASG had been exposed to the previous code and was well equipped to walk through the new code on the new device. ASG was asked to review validation documentation that was being developed by our client.


Project Assumptions:

When Big Data Gets Personal

How businesses are using data / information to make decisions and improve operations to better serve consumers.

A mind blowing fact shared during InfoTech WNY’s “Data Driven Business Transformation Round Table: There are very rich datasets available to the public for purchase, which can provide something like 650 attributes of consumer data per household.

Stages of Development for Startups

In honor of the 43 North competition, and start up week, we would like to share our two cents on the subject of development stages for startups.

When building a startup, there are many aspects of business that must be worked out in order to succeed, but you will certainly see the following pieces discussed in any start up pitch. 

An Engineer’s Experience at ASG

Applied Sciences GroupWorking with a company that provides the opportunity to gain experience and exposure to a wide variety of tasks in your field can help pique, drive and build your interests and expertise.  As an engineer, I was fortunate enough to find these benefits at Applied Sciences Group, Inc.

Clearing Through the Hype of Software Development Trends

When talking technology, is it important to clear through the hype of new software development trends and stick to the essentials. Hype is hype, and trends are just trends when it comes to the way that we think, look, and perform.  Much of this is true when it comes to technology.  As ever changing and emerging techniques, skills, and methods are developed, many are on the curve to use and perform the latest and “greatest”.