5 Noteworthy Phrases from an IT Security Event

Technology and Homeland Security Forum









 Niagara Country hosts an annual Technology & Homeland Security Conference which focuses on today’s rapidly changing technology and how it is used to drive productivity and collaboration, while dealing with security and regulatory requirements, and adapting to new products, needs and threats.  Applied Sciences Group attended the various presentations provided to the forum visitors. 

5 noteworthy phrases that stuck in our minds:

  1. An imperfect plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
  2. Privacy is Dead
  3. Our Data Exhaust is providing those who are looking all the information they need on us.  Our supermarkets probably know us best.
  4. There is no cloud there is only someone else’s computer. (a LOL moment for the crowd)
  5. Your next competitor may only need a laptop, a coffee shop, a credit card and an AWS account to be in business.