Knights Gate Group awarded SDVOB federal designation

March 1st, 2014: Knights Gate Group, Inc was awarded its Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB) federal designation on January 31, 2014. SDVOB status was enacted by public law to acknowledge the service and dedication of those individuals who have defended our Nation's freedom, and have suffered in their execution of their duty. Federal laws and administrative regulations were intentionally enacted to set-aside a defined portion of the federal contracting budget for SDVOBs, so that SDVOBs would not have to directly compete against large, multi-billion dollar corporations or an imposing federal contracting bureaucracy.

Knights Gate Group partners with companies to penetrate deep into the lucrative $376.2B Federal contracting budget that is directed toward small business, which would otherwise be unattainable to non-SDVOB companies. KGG generates strategic solutions by working within an agile and responsive structure helping to re-engineer complex and complicated Federal and State contracts into manageable projects.