Smartphone app that Promotes Better Breathing: Pre-Launch Registration


If you snore consider signing up for a pre-launch of BreatheSimple, a smartphone app that promotes better breathing. Applied Sciences Group has been involved with some of the sophisticated algorithms and programming that went into the development of this app.  This application provides sophisticated metrics of your breathing habits, after regular use, to help guide you towards improved sleeping habits!  We are proud of the advancement of this software and invite you to join the Pre-Launch Registration.  

BreatheSimple’s app delivers clinically-proven breath training exercises through an iPhone app. Their first program, Sleep Improvement, helps people reduce their snoring symptoms and is launching in March 2017. Sign up for early access to BreatheSimple's training material and you will also be entered to win 1 of 50 annual subscriptions to their Sleep Improvement course for free! ($100 value)

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